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Tips When Choosing The Best Baby Car Seats

Upon the delivery of your baby, you will need to start considering the purchase of a car seat to place them in when driving. In order for your child to be safe when riding in your vehicle, you need to provide a quality car seat for them. The law states specific requirements for baby car seats, and this should help take away any fear you may have faced otherwise. As you read on we will be discussing what points are important to look for when buying a car seat for your baby.

The Graco Snugride 35 Infant Car Seat is a car seat that's compatible with Graco strollers, so you can easily transfer your baby from the car to the stroller. Baby car seats made by Graco are trusted around the world by parents that have little children. The Snugride's base is easily installed once, and then stays in your car permanently. The car seat can handle most one-year-olds. The specific size can be no more than 32 inches in height and 35 pounds. Crash tested, Graco cars will exceed (at the very least meet) government standards for safety. They come with adjustable 5-point harnesses, making sure your child will be properly fit. Click this link: for more information.


If you have an accident, or if you turn your car sharply, you can keep your baby from getting harmed which is what the car seat is intended to do. What keeps the baby in place is the car seat - more specifically, it is the harness on the car seat itself. Your car seat will not cover your baby's hips if it is older because a three-point harness is used.

You will be able to cover your child's shoulders and hips with the five-point harnesses on modern car seats. When something strikes your car, it can cause a major impact. If it is from the side, the straps can make a big difference. You can usually get away with a used baby seat as long as it is fairly new. Anything older will not be safe to use at all.   

When looking at car seats for babies, some are made for infants, and others are convertible car seats for toddlers. As your children get older, they will need different car seats. A convertible car seat helps in this area because of its adjustability. It is essential that you get a car seat that will adequately protect your baby. It is, understandable, why some parents try to save money. Choosing a convertible car seat for a larger baby is a great idea, but manufacturer's guidelines for weight must also be considered. If the car seat is adjustable, it is usually because of an extra part that is designed into the car seat to cater to both babies and toddlers. You should probably not buy the first seat you find; do a little researching and you will likely find have better luck locating the best one for your needs. It's best to buy this type of product new, so you know it's a regulation car seat that's still covered by the warranty. For your babies' sake, pick a seat that is not only snug and secure, but will keep them safe from danger.

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